Tuff Beanz
10015 Palisades Dr A3
Truckee, Ca 96161

(530) 587-5191

Open 7 Days a week 6-2

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About Us

  • Certified Organic Coffee

    Organic coffee is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, food additives and fertilizers, thereby assuring the health of the soil, forest and farmers. This results in a healthier more flavorful coffee.

  • Certified Fair Trade Coffee

    Fair trade aims to help producers obtain better trading conditions and promote sustainability. The movement gives farmers a better standard of living, advocates the payment of a fair price to producers and elevates social and environmental standards.

  • Shade-grown Coffee

    Shade-grown refers to coffee grown under a canopy of trees. The process protects migratory bird habitats, reduces clear-cutting in tropical rainforests, promotes biodiversity and enhances flavor.

Located across from the Truckee Regional park, just East of Historic Downtown
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